Elkjøp is the largest electrical retailer in the Nordic countries, with over 190 stores across five countries and 4500 employees. It is owned by the British DSG International plc.

As of 2005, Elkjøp has several sister stores outside the Nordic countries, including, but not limited to, Poland and Hungary, and the Nordic stores alone sold for £1,26 billion in 2004-2005. Means of maintaining the low prices include huge bulk purchases and accompanying stockpiles, efficient use of big department stores instead of costly downtown shops, and an extensive array of noname or lesser known brands. Because the sales are mostly based on volume, customers in seek of more in-depth technical expertise may turn to stores specified in the intended product group.

Many stores in the Elkjøp corporation have a 30 day full refund policy which allows consumers to try the product at home and still return it for any given reason, often with the exception of, including but not limited to, mobile phones, software, internal hardware components and consumables, which need to be sealed. However, as returned products are restocked and resold, critics emphasize the risk of purchasing used products which are faulty, sold as new or products with storage media containing tracks of its previous owner. While this type of policy is often marketed as a form of consumer satisfaction warranty, several media events have been reported with consumers receiving faulty and/or used products without knowing from corporations employing the refund policy.

Elkjøp trades under several different brands:

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