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Santiago Lautaro Stieben (born August 15, 1985) is an Argentine actor and producer who was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His zodiac sign is Leo, and at the moment he lives in Villa Crespo, Capital Federal (Federal District), Buenos Aires. He is about to release his new movie titled "Mala Rata" that counts, among other, with the participation of the Argentine TV host Daniel "Tota" Santillán, and his former partner of the TV series Chiquititas, Daniela Mastricchio.


His parents are María Elena and Ernesto Stieben who is of German descent; because of this, Santiago and his four brothers, Milton, Román, Lionel, and Lara, possess markedly European attributes; and is for these German attributes that Santiago has been known popularly to have in his childhood and adolescence a long blond mane that was cut at 14 year-old-age under obligation because the scripts of the soap opera Chiquititas, that Santiago played in that moment, demanded it this way.

Santiago's family declared that they decided to name him with that name because when being been born he seemed like a saint angel a lot. His mother, María Elena, always knew that when her son grew up will be worthy of a lot of success and recognition. They also discovered the passion that Santiago demonstrated for the performance that was showing while he began his elementary school studies, for that reason his family decided to inscribe him in different classes, and theater classes so that he developed all his actoral potential. Very soon they discovered the great talent of the youngest member in the Stieben family. At the same time his sister was born, Lara Stieben, of who Santiago was fallen in love little by little until becoming a very protective brother.

Besides of his actin career, Santiago has other passions, one of them is the Club Atlético Atlanta soccer team of the which he is fan, and because that periodically he visit the stadium to see his favorite team. He is also admiring of the Argentine rock 'n roll, mainly of the Argentine rock band Los Redonditos de Ricota. Another of Santiago's likings is to travel for the world and to know new people, because he likes of knowing different countries and their cultures and their people.

Without neglecting his theater studies, Santiago also worked in other very different sectors and anything related to his actoral career, because he has worked in a casual clothing store in a Mall Center of Buenos Aires city, and he also worked in the local of fast foods belonging to his family that always were bound to the gastronomic sector, due to the unstable labor continuity that the actors suffer.

Today Santiago is temporarily retired of the television given his desire in continuing progress as actor, because until today he continues studying theater for his perfection. And on the other hand he has been being involved more in the film area since it is the side that he more wants to improve. His last work in stable cast in television until the moment is Media Falta, of the year 2005 where he interpreted "Ezequiel Herrera" (Erre), but on the other hand he has carried out sporadic participations in different television series. Today he works as host of Disney Planet, section in Disney Channel Latin America, with Carla, his partner in the host.

At the present time Santiago is one of the most popular and remembered faces in the Argentine television, especially among the youths of his generation that remember him for his role in the TV series Chiquititas that catapulted him to the national and international fame, being known in countries so distant as Israel where this series continues harvesting success.

Santiago's career

Santiago Stieben began artistic career very young making a publicity campaign for television for the company "Jerry Mox", promoting the well-known company of Argentine sausages "Vienissima". But he is popularly known as "Roña", the character that he interpreted in the successful juvenile and Argentine TV series Chiquititas, created by Cris Morena in the year 1995. His formation as an actor is very prominent, what transforms him into one of the most talented young actors of his country. He has studied theater with the most diverse and grateful professors in this discipline, among them Helena Nesis and Eduardo Meneguelli, the longtime and well-known actress of spotless career Hilda Bernard, the actor Ponchy Bruce, and Ricardo Robles. Of all of them Santiago has assimilated the necessary tools to know how to defend him in the acting career interpreting the most varied characters.


His first appearance in television was in the successful juvenile soap opera Chiquititas, created by Cris Morena in the year 1995. Santiago appeared there at the end of that year, in the second period of the first season of the series giving life to his character "Roña" (Luis), a boy of the street, mischievous, and that hates to take a bath and to make his school homeworks, and whose weakness is the chocolate 'alfajores' and all the food. Roña enters to the orphans girls home thanks to Jimena (Jimena Piccolo) accompanied by his friend "Corcho" (Diego Mesaglio) when Belén (Romina Yan) get that the home become a mixed home (girls and boys) in spite of having Carmen (Hilda Bernard) against her. With passing of the history of the series the character Roña became some of the most popular and dearer characters in the series. Santiago stayed in Chiquititas until the fifth season in 1999. It is in this season where Santiago gives the welcome to another character (of similar characteristic): "Tiago" (Santiago), a boy of the street that will live to a barn next to his given friends the abandonment for which they cross.

On Chiquititas, Santiago participated as much in television as in theater, during the winter vacations, and he was part of five albums of the TV series: "Chiquititas Vol. 2" (1996), "Chiquititas Vol. 3" (1997), "Chiquititas Vol. 4" (1998) - that includes the titled song "Lu Lucita (Lucecita) interpreted by Santiago - "Chiquititas Vol. 5" (1999), and "Chiquititas - Grandes Éxitos" (Chiquititas - Greatest Hits) (1999). He would return to Chiquititas in the 2001 to be part of the last episode of the series recorded in August of that year, and that it would mark the end of the successful infantile soap after seven seasons on air and six seasons on theatre. He was also summoned for Cris Morena in 2001 for the TV special "Chiquititas De Oro" where him and the most outstanding and loved characters of all seasons of the series they met to receive the prize 'Chiquititas De Oro', and this way to close with fastener of gold the seven consecutive seasons of the soap opera.

These are the words that Cris Morena dedicated to Santiago when he received his prize 'Chiquititas De Oro': Santiago: Impenetrable. What there be behind that blond mane (which he no longer has more mane)? Some pain that nobody will never know. Hopefully the hugs of every year, Santi, have alleviated that heart with holes. And this is the speech from Santiago when receiving his prize of his sister's hands Lara: Well. To begin, thank you to all those that are behind cameras, thank you to my friends that are behind. Thank you to those that allowed me to make Chiquititas, thanks to my family, and mainly, thank you to you that are behind your television always looking at us, holding back during seven years, thank you.

It's fundamental to explain that the expression heart with holes in Spanish means Corazón con Agujeritos, that it is one of the more famous Chiquititas' song, interpreted by its main character Romina Yan, and it's included in the albums "Chiquititas Vol. 2" and "Chiquititas - Grandes Éxitos (Greatest Hits)." In Chiquititas, to have the heart with holes (corazón con agujeritos) means to have the heart sad or broken due to some situation of sadness.

For the year 2000, Santiago decides to abandon Chiquititas to open up step by himself in the acting career. The first work after Chiquititas was Tiempo Final, the successful flunk TV series of Telefé where the whole tragic plot of the history lapses in the lapse of an hour of clock. The cast of this unitary is revolving and played for the most important actors. The episode in which Santiago makes his appearance is "La Terapeuta" (The Therapist) with Inés Estevez, Verónica Llinás and Manuel Callau. A therapist is accused of a murder that didn't make, the only witness of all that occurred is her patient, an adolescent (Santiago) quiet that doesn't communicate and that lives submerged in his drawings made by himself, drawings that mysterious accuse the therapist of the murder of the neighbor of the up floor.

After their work in Tiempo Final, Santiago made appearances in different unitary of the Argentine TV as "Un Cortado: Historias De Café" (2001 and 2006), Los Simuladores, next to Nazareno Casero, and "Disputas", the unitary played for the Argentine actress Florencia Peña. He has also participated of different soap operas as "Buenos Vecinos", "Los Médicos De Hoy", "PH", "Kachorra", "Dr. Amor", and "Amo De Casa". He also carried out a participation for local television of the city Saladillo from Buenos Aires, in the series "La Pandilla del Sol", next to the young actress Luisana Lopilato. on the other hand, Santiago has also been appeared as reporter or in the Argentine Atlantic coast for the musical and entertainments TV show La Movida del verano in the summer of 2000, that was hosted by the Argentine TV host Juan Alberto Mateyko from Mar del Plata and Parque de la Costa.

Santiago's last work in soap opera with a stable cast character was Media Falta, in the 2005 where he played the role of "Ezequiel Herrera" (Erre), and with other actors as Gabriela Toscano, Federico D'Elía, Marta Betoldi, Alejandra Darín and Leonor Manso, besides the young actors Elías Viñoles, Nicolás D'Agostino, Vanesa González, Rodrigo Guirao, and Juana Repetto.

At the present Santiago is the host of Disney Planet, a mini-series or short series that is transmitted in Disney Channel Latin America, and that it is hosted by him and by its female host Carla. He also participated of the sixth episode of the fourth season of the unitary of Canal Trece, Mujeres Asesinas, titled "Alicia, deudora", played by the well-known Argentine actresses Rita Cortese and Tina Serrano. In this chapter Santiago played the rol "Luicito", Alicia's son (Rita Cortese), a woman blinded by the envy and the ambition that take her to murder her best friend, because this last one have a good economic position.


Santiago has demonstrated his ductility and his professionalism as an actor. His talent and professionalism took him to carry out participations in cinema. His first movie was a thriller made for Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires (UBA) titled Hybris in the year 2000. Then he interpreted the character "Lisardo", the main character of the film titled Marisol, made for the Eliseo Subiela cinema school, under the direction of Mariano Biasin.

Then in 2006 he produced with director Ignacio Nazarevich the film El pibe de ningún lado (The nowhere boy) that also played. The boy (Santiago Stieben) strolls through the city of Buenos Aires with a gray look. He doesn't form part of the structure and daily routine of the society. Sitting down in a bar, he finds a deck of cards and begins to build a castle. Without realizing it he transforms this activity with his own routine; he goes daily to the same place and builds castles of cards, in the face of general indifference at first, and despite the hostile presence of Roberto (Pablo Pirrotta), a concurrent regular at the bar.

He is currently about to release the new movie titled Mala Rata where he acts with his former partner from Chiquititas, Daniella Mastricchio, the former actress of Rebelde Way Angeles Balbani, and the actor and TV host Daniel "Tota" Santillán. In the movie, two boys (Santiago and Pablo) decide to miss school classes and in the road they find a cellular phone that will put them into a bigger problem.


Santiago participated of four theatre seasons (1996-1999) of the soap opera Chiquititas with his characters "Roña" and "Tiago", respectively, in the theater Gran Rex in Buenos Aires, during the season of the winter vacations, with two daily shows totally sold. On the final of the third theatre season of Chiquititas in the year 1998 the cast carried out up to four daily shows: at 12 o'clock, to the 15:30 p.m., to the 17:30 p.m., and at 20 p.m., totally sold out, due to the success of the show that became the classic show for children's in the winter vacations, and the show with the most tickets sold.

After the success of Chiquititas in theater, in the year 2002 Santiago participated of the play for infantile public "Diez Corazones", in the theater N/D Ateneo and with the direction of the actor Claudio Dapassano. Later, in the 2003, Santiago played the musical comedy "Eliott Ness" in the theater Regina of Buenos Aires, and with the direction of the actress Graciela Pal.

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