Electrotrichogenesis (ETG) involves the stimulation of hair follicles on the scalp by the positive influence of an electrostatic field. This treatment, by Canadian company Current Technology Corporation, is well-documented to have a 96% success rate in the International Journal of Dermatology. In a recent peer reviewed published report, it was also established that ETG can help chemotherapy patients retain their hair during treatment.

This comparative, controlled study demonstrates the positive biologic effect on hair regrowth of a pulsed electrical field administered according to a regularized treatment schedule over 36 weeks. Mean hair count comparisons within the groups significantly favor the treatment group, which exhibited a 66.7 % hair count increase over baseline. The control group increase over baseline was 25.6%. It is notable also that 29 of the 30 treatment subjects (96.7%) exhibited regrowth or no further hair loss. The process is without side effects and untoward reactions. The rationale of this phenomenon is unclear but is considered to be due to an electrophysiologic effect on the quiescent hair follicle, similar to that documented with respect to bone fracture and soft tissue repair enhancement. The electrical pulse may cause increased cell mitosis through calcium influx, involving both the hair follicle sheath and dermal papilla cells.


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