Electrafixion were an alternative rock band formed by former Echo and the Bunnymen members Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant in 1994 (see 1994 in music). Featuring more of a 'rock' sound than their previous band, they released one album, Burned, and four singles/EPs before splitting up in 1996 due to the reformation of the Bunnymen. A posthumous limited edition 7" single "Baseball Bill" was released in 1997. When touring, the band included Julian Phillips (formerly of Marion) on bass and his brother, George Phillips, on drums.



  • Zephyr EP (1994, WEA/Warners, 12"/cs/cds, YZ 865 T/C/D) UK #47 (2 weeks)
  • "Lowdown" (1995, WEA/Warners, 7"/cs/cds, YZ 977 X/C/CD) UK #54 (2 weeks)
  • "Never" (1995, WEA/Warners, cs/cds/cds, WEA 022C/CD/CDX) UK #58 (1 week)
  • "Sister Pain" (1996, WEA/Warners, cds/cds/cds, WEA 037 CD1/CD2/CD3) UK #27 (1 week)
  • "Baseball Bill" (1997, Phree, 7", PHREE 1)


  • Burned (1995, WEA/Warners, CD/C, 0630 11248-2/-4) UK #38 (2 weeks)

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