Elda is a city located in the province of Alicante, Spain. It has an area of and, according to the 2002 census, a total population of 55,571 inhabitants, ranking as the 7th most populous city in the province. Elda joins together with the town of Petrer to form a conurbation with over 85,000 inhabitants. The river Vinalopó flows through the urban area of Elda.

Elda is famous for its footwear industry, in particular for women's shoes. Tourist sites include the Footwear Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the Torre del Homenaje del castillo (a tower dating from the 12th century), Castelar Square, Count of Coloma Palace, the Town Hall and the church of Santa Ana. It also celebrates the important festival of Moros y Cristianos.

Local Economy
Elda is worldwide known for being the city where the finest women shoes are made in Spain. Besides this fact, Elda has a wide economy related to the shoe industry such as leather, shoe sole, shoe heel, shoe last, shoe accesories or shoe ornaments businesses. Amongst the Shoe machinery, Sogorbmac, S.L. is one known firm which is specialized in manufacturing shoe machines and distributing air compressors for any kind of factories in the area. They also maintain, fix or repair new or used shoe machines in the vinalopo county where Elche is the other well known city related to this shoe industry.

Sogorbmac, S.L.

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