El Vez

El Vez

El Vez (born 1960) is the stage name of Robert Lopez, an openly gay Mexican-American rock and roll artist, who performs and records original material and covers classic rock songs. Mixing the styles of Elvis Presley and many other American rock artists with his own Latin-American heritage and music, he is known for expressing revolutionary views through his the satire and humor in his songs.

El Vez was once a contestant on the game show To Tell the Truth.

Lopez's main persona and style is very similar to Elvis Presley, as his stage name suggests. However, he is not strictly an Elvis impersonator; on his recordings and in his live show, he covers many non-Mexican artists, such as John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, T. Rex, Queen and the Beatles. Also known as the "Thin Brown Duke", "The Chicano Elvis", or "The Mexican Elvis", he got his start in the Latino punk band The Zeros, and played in Catholic Discipline with the folk singer Phranc.

In Spanish, "El Vez" literally means "The Time", despite its gender-noun disagreement in the Spanish language; it should be "Una Vez" or "La Vez". The non-literal translation of a "Vez" would be a certain time (ie. "The time I went swimming"); a "Tiempo" refers to the actual hour (ie. "I went swimming at that time").



Paul Simon's Graceland and El Vez's Graciasland

  • Fun in Español
  • Graciasland (the cover art is a play on Paul Simon's Graceland)
  • Merry Mex-Mas
  • El Vez is Alive
  • Never Been to Spain (Until Now)
  • G.I. Ay! Ay! Blues (A play on Elvis's G.I. Blues)
  • A Lad from Spain? and Son of a Lad From Spain (the cover graphics play on David Bowie's Aladdin Sane)
  • Boxing with God
  • Sno-Way José
  • How Great Thou Art (the cover art is a play on Elvis Presley's How Great Thou Art (album) album.)


  • El Rey De Rock 'N' Roll (2000, documentary)
  • Mi vida loca (1993)
  • Gospel Show in Madrid (2008, Live Concert)
  • Several other appearances in documentaries

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