Ektoras Anagnostou

Hector Anagnostou

Ektoras "Hector" Anagnostou is a fictional character on ANT1 television series Erotas, played by Gregoris Valtinos and is the leading male of the series.


Season 1

Ektoras is a heart surgeon who lives in Athens. Ektoras Anagnostou was travelling with his wife Mirto Anagnostou, and their daughter Eva Anagnostou to the island of Mikonos, however the couple had no idea that Mirto's ex husband was out to destroy their marriage. Ektora had previously had a one night stand with a Mikonos bar maid Stella.

Stella called Ektora to her room that evening, where Stella seduced Ektora. Mirto received a mysterious note at the hotel door, left by Alexandro, who was on Stefano's payroll. Mirto saw Ektora and Stella kissing on the bed together, and Mirto announced that she wanted to divorce Ektora. Mirto and Ektora struggled to save their already fragile marriage, but Ektora had discovered that Mirto had a one night stand with Mikonos artist Niko, an affair Mirto had neglected to tell Ektora about. Ektora, however could not judge Mirto over this, as Ektora's ex girlfriend, Ioulia showed up, and made fast friends with Mirto.

Ektora was determined to keep their past a secret, as Mirto had never been told about his past with Ioulia. Ioulia was married to Ektora's brother Marko, but Ektora and Ioulia embarked on an affair, which later lead Ektora to be exiled from his family. Ektora was while studying in London years later and Ektora believed that Marko was responsible, out of anger over his affair with Ioulia. As a result, Ektora was forced to leave his studies in London and head to Athens. Ioulia seduced Ektora, but Ektora refused to embark on an affair with Ioulia. Ioulia, however welcomed Ektora to her apartment, where she drugged Ektora, and slept with him. Ektora kept their one night stand a secret from Mirto.

Ioulia, however had written her one night stand into her diary, and arranged for Mirto to read the diary. Mirto was shocked and angry, and made the decision to divorce Ektora. As a result, Mirto began seeing Leuteri, an ex drug accict. Mirto had no idea that Leuteri had been in jail for six month prior to getting a job at one of her resorts. Ektora was determined to prove Stella was paid to sleep with him, which lead Ektora to the realization that Leuteri was Stella's ex husband, along with all his crimes. As a result, Ektora revealed the truth to Mirto, and Mirto broke up with Leuteri, but she still refused to reunite with Ektora. Ektora moved out, and bought a new apartment. Ioulia also revealed a shocking truth to Ektora, that it was her, and not Marko that shot him years ago in London.

A year passed, and Mirto eventually forgave Leuteri, and they embarked on a relationship together. Ektora was not pleased about the relationship, because he didn't want his daughter around someone who had a past like Leuteri, and also due to the fact he secretly still loved Mirto. Ioulia, was determined to get Ektora back, but he had embarked on an affair with his secretly Ifigenia. Ektora and Ifigenia got much closer, and got engaged after Ektora performed surgery on Ifigenia's daughter, where she regained the use of her legs. Eva was not to thrilled about Ektora and Ifigenia being together as she did not take a liking to Ifigenia. It was also revealed that Ifigenia and Mirto were step sisters, as Mirto's step father had a daughter out of wedlock.

Mirto needed money in order to save her resorts, and Ektora illegally took money to save Mirto's resorts. Unfortunately for Ektora, he needed money to put back into the hospital, and if he didn't find the money, he could be facing criminal charges. Marko, Ektora's brother returned by this time, and Ioulia tried to drive a wedge between the brothers. Fortunately, Marko eventually forgive Ektora, and provided the financial resources to put back into the hospital. Ioulia continued to go after Ektora, and blaming Mirto because she couldn't have Ektora, she teamed up with Stefano, Mirto's ex husband, and ended up acquiring 40% of the company, and a further 9% from Mirto's business partner Luka. Mirto had given Leuteri 10%, and as a result, Ioulia became the majority stock holder. Leuteri eventually gave Mirto her stock back, and Mirto was once again the majority stock holder, and Ioulia sold her shares back to Stefano, who refused to sell them to Mirto.

Mirto and Leuteri planned their wedding, and Ektora wasn't too thrilled. When Ektora found out Ifigenia was pregnant, he became angry at her, as he thought she was using protection, and began to treat her badly and ignore her. As a result, Ektora wanted Mirto back, and Ektora and Mirto slept together the eve before her wedding to Leuteri. Mirto confessed the truth to Leuteri, but Leuteri issued Mirto an ultimatum. She either chose him or Ektora. Mirto made the decision to choose Ektora, but after learning from her daughter Eva that Ifigenia was pregnant, Mirto ended up marrying Leuteri.

Ektora was angry at Mirto, and threatened to sue for custody of Eva. This left Ektora and Mirto at odds for a while, but they soon agreed to continue their close friendship. Leuteri soon became jealous over Ektora and Mirto's closeness. In the meantime, Ioulia teamed up with Katerina, Eva's baby sitter, and Katerina faked that Ektora had raped her, and demanded money from Ektora in exchange for his freedom. The police tricked Katerina to confessing to Ektora, but Katerina fled the country before she could be arrested.

As a result, Ektora was cleared of the crime. Ioulia began drinking, and angrily ran over a heavily pregnant Ifigenia. Ektora supported Ifigenia after their baby was stillborn, and Ifigenia eventually left the surgery and Ektora's life. Ektora was angry at Ioulia for what she did. Ioulia's alliance with Stefano cost her the use of her legs, after she broke a vial of poison at Bera's apartment that made its way through her bloodstream. The poison, which was intended for Stefano's wife Bera, caused Ioulia to become paralyzed, where she decided to change her ways. As a result, Ioulia left town, apologizing to Ektora for what happened. Marko returned to town, and moved in with Ektora. Ektora was shocked to get a phone call from Ioulia, who informed him that she wasn't responsible for his shooting, leaving Ektora wondering who was responsible.

Season 2

Season 3

The third season opens with Hector being the prime suspect in the murder of Angelos Papadatos. Him and Angelle's fiancee Aphrodite Aperyi are suspected to have collaborated together to murder him. The investigation is currently taking place.

Ektora has since started a new relationship with Elena hatzigianni, best friend of his ex-wife, Mirto. The two are currently in the beginning of their relationship however, Ektora's daughter, Eva and her adopted brother, Andrea are looking to reunite Ektora and Mirto and therefore don't want Ektora with Elena.

Ektora and Mirto, finally do reunite at the end of the series, to the great happiness of everyone around them.

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