Effie Germon

Effie Germon

Effie Germon (June 13, 1845 - March 6, 1914) was an American stage actress of the late 19th century from Augusta, Georgia. She excelled as a soubrette. She was the daughter of actors Greene C. Germon and Jane Andrews. Her father was the original impersonator of Uncle Tom at the Chatham Theatre. Germon's theatrical debut was made at the Holliday Street Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland, during the season of 1857 - 1858. She played the role of Sally Scraggs in Sketches in India. Germon acted with both the Baltimore and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania stock companies. Her given name was Euphemia Germon.

Marriage, return to the stage

She left the theater to marry violinist Carlo Patti, the brother of Adelina Patti. She returned to prominence at the Chestnut Street Theatre during the theatrical season of 1863 - 1864. She made her first appearance on the New York City stage which opened in 1869 under the management of John Brougham. Germon appeared with John Gibbs Gilbert at Wallack's Theatre in a production of Brother Sam in December 1872. At the same venue she acted with Richard Mansfield in Prince Karl, the original production of Little Lord Fauntleroy (play). She paired with Francis Wilson (actor) in Erminie. During the season of 1906 - 1907 Germon performed on the road in Sunday. She married a second time after divorcing Patti. Her second husband was the comedian Nelse Seymour.

Lincoln assassination

She was performing in Aladdin at Grover's Theatre in Washington, D.C., on the evening when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated at Ford's Theatre. While she was singing Sherman Has Marched To The Sea, C.D. Hess, manager of Grover's Theatre, learned of the shooting of Lincoln. A week earlier Germon was present when John Wilkes Booth came into the office of Hess and inquired as to when Lincoln would attend a performance of Aladdin. The President had been invited and had promised to attend. A photo of Germon was found on Booth when he was killed at Richard H. Garrett's farm in 1865.


Germon died at the Actors' Fund Home in Staten Island in 1914.


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