Edwardes College

Edwardes College

Established in 1900 Edwardes College was a christian mission bearing inhouse and outliving christian monks; Edwardes was actually established as a christian monk-mission institute,however; later it became the first university college in the Northwest Frontier Province of Pakistan opened for public education.First as a high school in Peshawar city by Sir Herbert Edwardes (Commissioner of Peshawar), becoming a college affiliated to the University of the Punjab. Following partition, for geographical reasons it became part of the University of Peshawar when it was inaugurated in 1952.

Edwardes College is co-educational since 2000. There are currently 180 women students among a college student population of just under 2,000, and 5 women lecturers.

The present site of the college campus is located in the Peshawar Cantonament. The main university site is some distance away. The college possesses both a mosque and a Christian chapel.

The college remains a Christian foundation (United Church of Pakistan). Unlike many other university colleges it did not succumb to the nationalization process of the 1970s.


Edwardes College offers Intermediate, HND, Bachelor and Masters certificates, diplomas and degrees.

Intermediate Courses

  • F.A (Arts)
  • F.A (Humanities)
  • F.Sc (Pre-Medical)
  • F.Sc (Pre-Engineering)
  • F.CS (Computer Science, available in two combinations of subjects)

Cambridge Courses

  • A-Levels (Arts)
  • A-Levels (Science, available in two combinations of subjects)

Higher National Diploma

  • HND (Business Management)
  • HND (Computer Science)

Degree Courses

  • B.A (Arts, available in three combinations of subjects)
  • B.Sc (Pre-Medical)
  • B.Sc (Pre-Engineering)
  • BCS (Computer Science)
  • M.Sc (Computer Science)

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