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Educate Lanka Foundation is an independent non-profit organization established in April, 2006 to assist financially underserved students in Sri Lanka to continue their Education. The initiation of Educate Lanka was a result of the successful campaign, Wave of Hope (, launched for the purpose of building houses and schools in Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the Tsunami. The Foundation was started by a group of Sri Lankan students studying in the Washington DC, with the help of other Sri Lankan expatriates in the area. It soon gained much support from Sri Lankans in the other parts of the US, as well as in other countries in the world.

As students, we believe "Education" of the youth is the foundation of every country. After witnessing the desperate state in our country, we believe it is our responsibility and obligation to give back to Mother Lanka what she has bestowed in all of us over so many years. Hence, we decided to create a unique path for all of the Sri Lankan expatriates around the world to come together, and be a helping hand to the deserving students in Sri Lanka to fulfill their ultimate dream - EDUCATION.


The mission of EducateLanka is to be a helping hand to the financially underserved students in Sri Lanka to continue their education. We intend to act as an independent entity to bring together groups of Sponsors and Donors from around the world to provide financial assistance to those students. Our goal is to link these Sponsors with the Students, creating a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties. EducateLanka believes this could be achieved throughout in Sri Lanka, regardless of ethnicity, color, or religion.

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