Edible chrysanthemum

Garland chrysanthemum

Garland chrysanthemum (Leucanthemum coronarium, Chrysanthemum coronarium), also known as chrysanthemum greens or edible chrysanthemum, is a leaf vegetable in the genus Leucanthemum. It is referred to as tong hao in Chinese (茼蒿), shungiku (春菊) in Japanese, ssukgat in Korean and cải cúc or tần ô in Vietnamese. It is popular in Cantonese cuisine, especially in the cuisine of Hong Kong, and in the Japanese in Nabemono (Japanese hot pot). Overcooking should be avoided and it is recommended to add it at the last moment to hot pot since it easily loses the structure. Young leaves and stems are used for flavoring soup and stir-fry. The leaves are an important ingredient in Taiwanese Oyster omelettes and, when young, are used along with stems to flavor soup and stir-fry.

A leafy herb, the Garland chrysanthemum is one of the few annual plants in its genus and has yellow florets grouped in small rayed flower heads and aromatic, bipinnately lobed leaves. The vegetable grows very well in mild or slightly cold climates, but will go quickly into premature flowering in warm summer conditions. Seeds are sown in early spring and fall.

Common names

  • chop-suey-green
  • crown daisy
  • garland chrysanthemum
  • Japanese-green
  • tangho
  • tongho
  • shungiku
  • antimonio
  • mirabeles
  • moya


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