Eclipse (gum)

Excel (gum)

Wrigley's Excel is a line of chewing gum and mints available in Canada since 1991. It is the best selling gum in Canada. The gum currently comes in ten flavors: Tangerine Freeze, Polar Ice, Peppermint, Spearmint, Winterfresh, Chlorophyll, Night Chill, Fire and Inferno (cinnamon) and brand new, as of july 2008, Sweet Mint. The mints currently come in Peppermint, Spearmint, and Cinnamon. Eclipse is the American version of Excel. The brand advertises using a long-standing tagline "Excel-erate your breath" and often features an animated giant gorilla character who is drawn to eating people who have just used the product.

Excel Extreme

In January 2006, a sub-brand named "Excel Extreme", with flavors Fuse, Voltage, Charge and Shock, was released. Shock is the new name for Excel's lemon flavoured gum, where Fuse is the new name for their cherry flavoured gum.

Because of this, the Cherry Chill and Lemon Ice varieties have been discontinued in Canada. A year later, an American version called Wrigley's 5 was created, but the gum was sold in sticks instead of pellets.

The Excel Extreme brand has been discontinued after 2007 and was replaced by Wrigley's 5 by 2008.

Excel White

In June 2008, Wrigley's replaced Freedent Total with Excel White. It is currently available in two flavours.

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