The Eccentrik Festival is an annual 3-day goth and industrial music festival held in the Raleigh, North Carolina area spread out between several different venues. The festival started in October 2004. Musical styles typically featured at Eccentrik include deathrock, psychobilly, gothic rock, industrial, post-punk, dark cabaret, steampunk, synthpop and other related genres. The festival is also notable for its party-like atmosphere, the pre-festival meet n' greet, art show, and a dancefloor featuring goth, deathrock, industrial, steampunk and post-punk djs from around the US.

Band lineups by year

Clockwerk (the band) | Ego Likeness | More Machine Than Man | Oddstar | Razed in Black | RJE | Red All Over | Threshold 62005
Bella Morte | The Brides | In Tenebris | The Last Dance | Voltaire2006
Americlone | Anders Manga | Attrition | Ego Likeness | High Blue Star2007
Meg Lee Chin | The Last Dance | Cylab | The Gothsicles | The Hellblinki Sextet | Terrorcouple2008
The Brides | The Ghosts Project | The Hellblinki Sextet | Nicki Jaine | Nathaniel Johnstone | Jill Tracy | Unextraordinary Gentlemen | Vernian Process

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