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Please Don't Eat My Mother

Please Don't Eat My Mother is a 1973 exploitation film directed by Carl J. Monson.

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Pretty young ladies make the perfect plant food. Henry Fudd, an overage mama's boy and part time peeping tom, is the proud owner of two very peculiar plants he keeps locked in his bedroom. Named Adam and Eve and looking like overgrown Venus Flytraps with giant mouths filled with razor sharp teeth, the plants not only talk, but eat humans--especially the sexy centerfold kind. Definitely not for the kiddies, Please Don't Eat My Mother also features legendary sex kitten Rene Bond as one of the plant's more delectable meals.


A shy and timid man who lives with his mother (and resembles Mel Brooks) buys a plant he thinks talked to him. His loneliness is very apparent in the way he tries to turn the plant into a friend. Well, the plant is carnivorous and can talk with a woman's sexy voice. Henry, our protagonist, now has two joys in life. One is being a voyeur (he is much too shy to actually talk to a girl) and the other is his new plant friend. Soon he discovers the plant likes bugs (and then frogs and dogs and cats but he draws the line at elephants). Eventually the plant wants to try a delicious woman, like in the pictures Henry has hanging in his room.

One day Henry's mother breaks into his room thinking to confront him with a woman and all she can find are Henry and the plant. But soon the plant eats her and discovers that woman are really tasty. When detective O'Columbus shows up, the plant discovers she does not like eating men, just women.

Eventually the plant experiences urges and Henry finds a male specimen. The male eats men while the female eats women. One woman is willing to end Henry's life of virginity but accidentally gets eaten. Henry is broken and tries to kill himself while the plants get passionate with one another. Henry is to clumsy to succeed and changes his mind when he sees all of the little baby plants.

Some aspects of this movie are a direct spoof of Roger Corman's Little Shop of Horrors while others seem to have been spoofed by the musical remake.

But spoof aside, this is a fun and titillating film. Henry is excellent in his role and has facial expressions to rival the best silent-film star. The main plot is peppered with scenes of couples having sex with some graphic full-frontal shots although no pornography.

A funny and titillating film for fans of spoofs, comedies and sexpoitation.

By Robert I. Hedges


Director Carl Monson got his start at the Pasadena Playhouse. Later he created the Curtain Call Theater in North Hollywood with wife Carol Monson(aka Laura Shelton). They had two children Clay Monson and Cristen Monson Susong. In addition to working in theatre, Monson also directed and wrote screenplays for low-budget sexplotation and grind house films during the 1970s and 1980s. He is most well known for Blood Legacy(1971), A Scream in the Streets (1973) and Savage Harbor (1987). He also founded and worked out of Bumblebee Productions.


  • Buck Kartalian as Henry Fudd
  • Lyn Lundgren
  • Art Hedberg
  • Alice Fredlund as Call Girl
  • Adam Blair
  • Flora Weisel
  • Ric Lutze as Harry
  • Rene Bond as Harry's Wife
  • Carl Monson as Officer O'Columbus (uncredited)
  • Zach Moye

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