EasyBCD is a free program developed by the non-profit NeoSmart Technologies used to configure and tweak the new Windows Vista Bootloader. EasyBCD can be used to set up dual-boots between Windows Vista and previous versions of Windows, along with Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X.

Supported Operating Systems

EasyBCD modifies the Windows Vista bootloader to add support for other entries. Windows NT, 2000, and XP are supported by chainloading NTLDR; DOS, Windows 3.x, 95, 98, and Me are booted via modified versions of IO.sys and the Windows 9x bootsector; Linux and BSD are loaded either by handing off control of the boot process GRUB and/or LILO or by using EasyBCD's own NeoGrub module (which is based on GRUB4Dos); and Mac OS X is loaded via the Darwin bootloader.

Awards and recognition

According to the NeoSmart Technologies website, EasyBCD is used and recommended by Microsoft, PC-World, PC-Magazine, Softpedia, PC-Welt, and dozens more.

In the words of Harry McCracken (Vice President & Editor-in-Chief of PC World): "EasyBCD impressed the editors with its functionality and usability. These are some of the most well-crafted services available - congratulations to EasyBCD!"

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