Eastport, Newfoundland

Eastport, Newfoundland and Labrador

Eastport is a long-popular Newfoundland vacation destination on the Eastport Peninsula. Eastport is located on the north-western border of Terra Nova National Park and is famed for its sandy beaches, beautiful scenery and traditional Newfoundland outport heritage.

About Eastport

Originally known as Salvage Bay, Salvage New, and Brighton, it eventually became known as Eastport due to it being on the east side of Salvage Bay. In the early 1960's, under the resettlement program, several families from Flat Island and Coward’s Island moved to Eastport. They brought with them their own unique culture which added a new and interesting dimension to the community. Today, that friendly unique culture can be seen throughout Eastport whenever you stop for a ‘yarn’ with residents.

Eastport is the service centre for the Eastport Peninsula. Here you will find grocery stores, restaurants, accommodations, and service stations (as well as lots to do!). Sandy Eastport Beach is the focal point for sun lovers everywhere! Whether you want to lie back and relax, or swim in the refreshing salt water, Eastport Beach is your destination. During the last weekend of July/first weekend of August, the annual SeaFest is held on the Beach, and offers a variety of fun for all ages.

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