Earthanasia (Goodies episode)

Earthanasia (Goodies episode)

"Earthanasia" is an episode of the British comedy television series The Goodies.

This episode is also known as "The End of the World Show".


It is very late Christmas Eve and Bill and Graeme are preparing for Christmas. A carol service on the radio is interrupted by an announcement that the world is going to end at midnight.

Tim arrives wearing a placade stating "The End of the World is Nigh", little realising how accurate the words actually are. The Goodies share their feelings, worst embarrassments and mutual recriminations with the others, leading to complete personality overhauls for both Tim and Bill and a surprising final revelation from Graeme.


  • Bill states that he has bought himself a skateboard for Christmas (but as the episode progresses, it becomes clear that he already owns one).
  • Bill lists his fantasy women as Jane Fonda, the Three Degrees and Ivy Benson's trumpet section.
  • Tim sings part of the famous David Rose composition, the Stripper.
  • Bill shaved his beard off for this episode, certain that it would get a laugh, but the audience's reaction is one of shock more than amusement.


  • A boom shadow is clearly visible when Bill knocks a hole in the wall to provide a chimney for Santa.


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