Earth Songs (John Denver album)

Earth Songs (John Denver album)

Track listing

All tracks composed by John Denver; except where indicated

Side one

  1. "Windsong" (Denver, Joe Henry)
  2. "Rocky Mountain Suite (Cold Nights In Canada)"
  3. "Rocky Mountain High" (Denver, Mike Taylor)
  4. "Sunshine On My Shoulders" (Denver, Dick Kniss, Mike Taylor)
  5. "The Eagle And The Hawk" (Denver, Mike Taylor)
  6. "Eclipse"
  7. "The Flower That Shattered The Stone" (Denver, Joe Henry)

Side two

  1. "Raven’s Child" (Denver, Joe Henry)
  2. "Children Of The Universe" (Denver, Joe Henry)
  3. "To The Wild Country"
  4. "American Child"
  5. "Calypso"
  6. "Islands"
  7. "Earth Day Every Day (Celebrate)"

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