Earth (Battlestar Galactica)

List of Battlestar Galactica objects

This is a list of notable objects found in Battlestar Galactica, original and new continuities.

Original Continuity


Daggits are a class of dog-like Colonial pets.


Pulsars are a class of energy weapons.

New Continuity

Arrow of Apollo

The Arrow of Apollo is an archaeological artifact, and religious heirloom from the settlement of the Twelve Colonies. It is also the key to the starmap in the Tomb of Athena. It is named after Apollo, the Lord of Kobol.


DRADIS "Direction, RAnge, and DIStance" is Battlestar Galactica's version of a remote sensing system akin to SONAR or RADAR. It works in space, can be interfered with by radiation, and has a hard time detecting composite materials. Objects can be specially designed to avoid DRADIS (e.g. Stealthstar) The "Direction, RAnge, and DIStance" breakdown of the acronym "DRADIS" was listed in an early manuscript of the first half of the Miniseries.

Eye of Jupiter

The Eye of Jupiter is a religious artifact left by the thirteenth tribe in the Temple of Five on the Algae Planet that points the way to Earth (according to the scrolls of Pythia). It is a raised mosaic in an alcove on the floor of the Temple of Five, with a hole in the ceiling to let a shaft of natural sunlight illuminate it. The design of the mosaic is based on the Eye of Jupiter Nova. The mosaic is destroyed by a nova reminiscent of the Eye of Jupiter.

During the episode "Rapture" it was stated that the supernova itself was the "Eye of Jupiter", and the mosaic was part of a holographic interface to be used by "The Chosen One" to view the five priests of the temple during the beginning stages of the supernova.

Rail Gun

The weapons systems on the Battlestars Galactica and Pegasus are rail guns, firing destructive rounds at a fast rate from large cannons located on the top of the battlestars. Pegasus, (the more advanced of the two ships) has more batteries placed in other locations on the hull, albeit smaller in size than her main batteries.

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