Ensco International

Ensco International

Ensco International is the largest offshore Jack-Up Oil and Gas well drilling corporation , with 50 offshore Jack-Up and 5 Semi-submersible drilling rig's servicing domestic US, international, and Scientific drilling markets.

Primary drilling locations range from 50 to 600-miles offshore, in the North Sea, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific, South America, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Immensely strong, rugged, and high tech Jack-Up Rigs are positioned in ocean depths of up to 400-feet, with each of 3 legs being driven into the ocean floor for stability, by pumping ocean water into onboard tanks, weighing up to 6-million pounds, to drive each reinforced Rig leg up to 100-feet into the sediment and rock.

Ensco Semi-submersibles have no connection or anchor to the ocean floor, and maintain their location by Dynamic positioning via GPS and computer-controlled 4,000-6,000 horsepower Rolls-Royce Azimuth thruster or Flowserve propulsion units, in up to 10,000 feet of ocean, and drill down to 38,000 feet into the earth's crust for oil and natural gas deposits.

With 4,200 employees, and annual revenue in the $2.3billion range, the Company is ranked in the Top 10 Energy industry companies in Dallas, Texas , and is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol ESV.

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