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EFMA may stand for:

  • Ethernet in the First Mile Alliance, a telecommunications equipment vendor's consortium
  • European Family Medicine Awareness
  • European Fertilizer Manufacturers Association
  • European Financial Management Association
  • European Financial Management & Marketing Association , an association of banks, insurance companies and financial institutions in Europe
  • European Fittings Manufacturers Association, a European piping and plumbing fittings manufacturers association
  • Europeans For Medical Advancement , science-based patient advocacy organization dedicated to improving policy and decision-making regarding the use of the animal model in biomedical research and drug testing.
  • European Forum of Medical Associations, a European liaison to World Health Organization
  • English Furniture Making Associates , a period furniture company in the UK
  • Evangelical Fellowship of Missions Agencies, a professional association of evangelical missions entities (former Evangelical Foreign Missions Association)
  • Executive Female Ministerial Alliance , an online Women's faith group

EFMA may also refer to:

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