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eBid is an online auction website founded in December 1998. eBid operates in eighteen countries, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Australia , Ireland, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, India, Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, Sweden, Singapore, South Africa. eBid uses its own online payment service PPPay to allow for buyers and sellers to pay each other in Euros and Pounds Sterling, although members are not restricted to using this form of payment, 'Paypal' and 'Google Checkout' for example are also popular payment methods on Ebid.

Unlike eBay, listing a basic auction on eBid is free and a small percentage final value fee is paid on selling your item.

The domain attracted at least 1 million visitors annually by 2008 according to a study.

Currently eBid has 3 membership levels available for new members, Buyer (free) buyer only, Seller (free but requires credit/debit card verification) occasional seller, final value fees are 3%, Seller Plus+ subscription based membership aimed at professional sellers with a recurring fee, payable every 7,30,90 or 365 days, OR a one off lifetime payment (currently less than £50.00). Seller Plus+ members can open up to 5 shops free. For a basic auction Seller Plus+ members pay no fee, for a gallery one they pay 2% fvf. Options like BIN only auctions & Run until Sold, are also available for free.

Happy Hour Auctions

A Happy Hour Auctions is an auction where bids start at £10.00 (No Reserve) and which runs from 6pm till 10pm each day. These auctions are given featured status at the top of the frontpage and all search results and category listings, the cost to the seller is £2.00. Space is limited to 20 Auctions.

60 Minute Auctions

60 Minute Auctions is an auction where bids start from £1.00 (No Reserve) that run on the hour for one hour. Space is limited to three an hour, the seller can pick a slot and a time for the auction to be held. They are given featured status at the top of the front page and all search results and category listings, the cost can be as little as 10p to a maximum of £1.00 to list depending on when the auction is booked.

Auto-extend Auctions

If the seller has this turned on it will extend the length of the auction by 60 seconds if there is a bid within the final 60 seconds of the auction. This option is only available to Seller Plus+ users.


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Active eBidders community

eBid has a very active and helpful forum community with many members combining their efforts through various promotional campaigns and fundraising events. A free monthly newsletter, 'Now You Know', is dedicated to the site and its members, available via the Cyberdosh project There is also an active charity fundraising element that adds to the appeal of this fast-growing online auction site. In May 2007, the number of eBid online auction listings topped the half million and by July 2008 this had doubled to over one million.

Ebid's monthly charity auctions are known as YDC, the listings can be found in their own category called Yorkies Daft Auctions (YDC)

The history of YDC

The YDC charity auctions were started back in 2003 by YorkiesAuctions (He also started the monthly charity auctions on ebay uk several years before too). The original name of the monthly charity auctions was Yorkies Daft Competition the reason being that forum members competed against each other to raise the largest amount for charity each month and Yorkie came up with the idea and ran the competition. When Yorkie had to stop running the YDC in late 2006 due to family and work commitments the name of the auctions were changed to Your Donation Counts. The YDC is currently run by Shezz

The YDC is open to all Ebid members and is a fun way to raise money for charity. YDC announcements can be found on eBID's Kitchen Table forum, and forum members are always happy to help new members wishing to take part in YDC. Each month the winner of YDC gets to nominate the following YDC's featured charity. Members may support the featured charity or support a charity of their own choice.

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