E-Ring was a television military drama, created by Ken Robinson and David McKenna and executive produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, that premiered on NBC on September 21, 2005. The title of the show refers to the structure of The Pentagon, which is configured in five concentric rings, from "A" to "E", with E being the outermost ring, which is considered to be where the more high-profile work is done. The show stars Benjamin Bratt as Major James Tisnewski and Dennis Hopper as Colonel Eli McNulty, as officers working for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The show struggled from the onset because it was up against ABC's Top 20 hit Lost, CBS's Top 30 hit Criminal Minds, FOX's Top 10 hit American Idol and the network's Top 30 hit Unan1mous, but a move by NBC gave it an earlier time slot which led to better ratings. However the show was pulled from the lineup during the February sweeps and officially canceled at the NBC Upfront on May 15.

E-Ring is currently airing in the United Kingdom on FX, as of July 28, 2006. They have shown all 22 episodes filmed, and have repeated the series several times since the conclusion of the original run. It is also being broadcast on the new HDTV Channel FXHD from April 2008. It is also currently (as of July 2006) shown in 'Kanal 5' for the Swedish market and in 'La Sexta' for the Spanish market. On September 8 2006 Hong Kong's ATV began showing it.

In October E-ring will be aired on Premiere (a German pay TV company) starting on October 5 synced in German language as well as the original sound. The show is also airing in Panama on TVMax and Portugal aired on Rádio e Televisão de Portugal and is airing again on Fox. The show is also currently airing on the Israeli Cable channel XTRA Hot. The show was aired on Philippine cable channel Crime/Suspense. The show is also airing in Finlands biggest commercial channel MTV3. The show is also due to air on Australia's Nine HD in April 2008. In Italy the show is due to air on Rai Due since 21 March 2008. In September 2008 show started to air on Croatian television HRT.

The remaining episodes were shown on the Irish network TG4.


Recurring Cast

  • Maurice Compte - Sergeant Charlie Gutierrez (9 episodes)
  • Tavis Bohlinger - Mark "Doc" Jones (8 episodes)
  • Kelsey Oldershaw - Angie Aronson (7 episodes)
  • Ashley Williams - Beth Wilkerson (6 episodes)
  • Mitch Morris - Ken Watkins (5 episodes)
  • Andrew McCarthy - Aaron Gerrity (5 episodes)
  • Brittany Ishibashi - Ashley Nakahino (5 episodes)
  • Joe Morton - Steven Algazi (4 episodes)
  • Jaime Ray Newman - Nathalie Hughes (4 episodes)

Episode list

Season 1: 2005-2006

# Code Title Airdate Overview
1 2T6750 "Pilot" September 21 2005 Colonel McNulty finds himself at odds with Major Jim Tisnewski (JT). The major must convince his superiors at the Pentagon and the Joint Chiefs of Staff that the United States should risk war with China to rescue an American operative.
2 2T6751 "Snatch and Grab" September 28 2005 McNulty and his staff must act quickly to keep a terrorist ally from slipping away. The high-risk mission requires the best of the special-ops teams, and JT must send his old unit into harm's way. A wounded soldier and a captured terrorist are retrieved with the Fulton surface-to-air recovery system.
3 2T6754 "Escape and Evade" October 5 2005 McNulty sends JT on a mission to Iraq to investigate unauthorized covert action and accusations the United States is illegally treading on Iranian soil. He winds up wounded and on the run. Sonny and Algazi must assemble a team to rescue JT from Iran.
4 2T6752 "Tribes" October 12 2005 Africa is experiencing another threat of genocide reminiscent of Rwanda and JT enlists a bureaucrat to help out before time runs out.
5 2T6753 "Weekend Pass" October 19 2005 Two US Marines are accused of raping a young local woman in Suriname. JT immediately jumps to action only to find opposition from senior staff. The United States doesn't want to jeopardize aluminium interests controlled by the Surinamese government. He must navigate the political maze to discern the truth and try to save the soldiers' lives.
6 2T6755 "Toy Soldiers" October 26 2005 JT challenges his superiors' reasons for unexpectedly placing a known terrorist on the capture/kill list and learns that politics in the Pentagon can be deadly.
7 2T6757 "Cemetery Wind (1)" November 2 2005 JT's girlfriend Angie is put in a dangerous situation, and JT must recall his old Special Ops missions and follow the clue she left for him.
8 2T6758 "Cemetery Wind (2)" November 9 2005 In Colombia, JT risks exposing an undercover operation against a murderous drug lord to discover who attacked Angie. Now, he has to finish a job they started together years ago.
9 2T6759 "Delta Does Detroit" November 16 2005 JT and a Special Ops team are sent to Detroit to address a situation with a radical Christian group that has taken hostages inside a mosque. JT must address legal concerns around the action due to FBI jurisdiction.
10 2T6756 "The Forgotten" November 23 2005 McNulty discovers that a captured Navy Seal could be alive in the Philippines. When attempts to save the man faces resistance from the Pentagon brass, he and JT discuss a "backdoor" mission to save the soldier. Some of McNulty's mysterious past is revealed.
11 2T6760 "Christmas Story" December 7 2005 On Christmas Eve, JT works on a humanitarian aid mission for an Afghanistan village that helped Delta team several years ago. He finds the village confronting bad weather and an advancing Taliban force. Also, Sonny helps JT's father who needs a favor.
12 2T6761 "Breath of Allah" January 11 2006 When an interagency strike in Amsterdam turns up an illegal lab producing the Plague, JT and his SOD team rush an anti-terrorism plan into effect, only to realize that the threat is much, much closer to home. Samantha finds herself with an enticing job offer, further complicating her relationship with JT.
13 2T6762 "War Crimes" January 18 2006 JT and his team of Special Ops soldiers put themselves in harm's way to help investigate war criminals in Sarajevo. Things heat up when the attorney they're guarding is suddenly poisoned.
14 2T6763 "The General" February 1 2006 JT is celebrating his promotion to Lieutenant Colonel when he and the Special Ops team receive word that a high-ranking Special Ops officer is kidnapped in Spain. He and his team must travel the globe to track down the people responsible and before the terrorists' deadline.
15 2T6764 "Five Pillars" September 21 2006 A foiled Special Ops mission in Pakistan leads JT to believe there is a spy in the E-Ring. When suspicion builds around the man Sgt. Pierce is dating, she must make a difficult decision.
16 2T6765 "Fallen Angels" September 28 2006 The Venezuelan press claims a crashed plane was not a medical relief mission but rather a cover for a US assassination attempt against their president. JT and his team get caught in a fire fight and McNulty plots their escape from his hospital bed.
17 2T6766 "Friends and Enemies" October 5 2006 A US submarine collides with a North Korean submarine, which begins to sink. JT and his team race to rescue survivors but a few North Korean officers would rather kill their own crew.
18 2T6767 "Two Princes"(a.k.a. "American Girls") October 12 2006 Sent to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to protect a crown prince, JT and Bobby become involved in a scheme to kidnap his children and bring them to the US.
19 2T6768 "Brothers In Arms" October 19 2006 During a mission to train an elite Iraqi service unit, JT and Bobby meet a young man who becomes a soldier to defend his country and family. As the unit prepares for high-ranking visitors, including Sonny, the young soldier learns his younger brother has chosen a different path.
20 2T6769 "Hard Sell" (a.k.a. "Interrogation") October 26 2006 During a psychological evaluation, JT experiences flashbacks of a traumatic mission to Lebanon to rescue a man who is being tortured by insurgents. Bobby loses his composure when a known terrorist refuses to co-operate.
21 2T6770 "Isolation" November 2 2006 JT and the team travel to Mexico to apprehend a drug lord who has allied himself with Al Qaeda and is smuggling terrorists into the US.
22 2T6771 "Acceptable Losses" November 9 2006 After escaping capture by Mexican authorities during a dangerous covert mission, JT becomes involved in a gunfight with a drug gang and later discovers that one of the men he shot is a federal agent.

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