A.E.S. Hudson Street

A.E.S. Hudson Street was a comedy television show running on ABC from March 16, 1978 through April 20, 1978. this short-lived series followed the poorly equipped Adult Emergency Service hospital on Hudson Street, on the lower west side of Manhattan. This New York City-based show was a ratings failure, even after dumping F. Murray Abraham from the role of Dr. Tony Menzies, which he played in the pilot. In the pilot film for this half-hour program, A.E.S. stands for Ambulance Emergency Service. The pilot aired July 21, 1977.

The series cast of characters included the mentally handicapped Dr. Tony Menzies (Gregory Sierra); Nurse Rosa Santiago (Rosanna DeSoto); Nurse Rhonda Todd (Julienne Wells); Foshko, the ambulance driver (Susan Peretz); Stawky, Foshko's assistant (Ralph Manza); Nurse Newton (Ray Stewart); Karbow, the hospital administrator (in the pilot, Irwin C. Watson, series Stefan Gierasch); Dr. Jerry Meckler (Bill Cort); Dr. Glick, the psychiatrist (Allan Miller); Dr. Sorrentino (Jane Marla Robbins); and Dr. Friedman Bob Dishy.

Danny Arnold co-created and executive produced the series, sharing the creation credits with Tony Sheeman and Chris Hayward. Roland Kibbee produced, Noam Pitlik directed, and music was by Jack Elliott and Allyn Ferguson.

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