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Venetian Snares

Venetian Snares is the main performing alias of Canadian electronic musician Aaron Funk (born January 11, 1975).

From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Funk is known for making electronic music often in odd numbered time signatures (often 7/4). He is an unusually prolific artist, having released records on the History of the Future, Isolate/DySLeXiC ResPonSe, Addict, Zod, Distort, Sublight, Low-Res, Planet Mu and Hymen record labels.

Funk debuted on a record label in 1999 with the 12" vinyl EP, Greg Hates Car Culture. Prior to this, he self-released material on cassette tape as early as 1992.


Funk's first release was the EP Greg Hates Car Culture, and released on History of the Future. His second album was Salt on Zhark International and Fuck Canada / Fuck America with Stunt Rock for CLFST. When Mike Paradinas heard Greg Hates Car Culture, he immediately signed Funk for Planet Mu. The first Venetian Snares LP on Planet Mu, Making Orange Things (a co-production with Speedranch), was released in early 2001; following in short order were five more releases, all before the end of 2002. Funk continued recording for a variety of labels, including Hymen Records,Peace Off Records, Addict Records, and Sublight Records, and has also recorded albums under the names Last Step and Vsnares, recorded singles under the names Last Step, Snares Man! and Snares, appeared on compilations under the names Ventriloquist Snakes, Last Step, Puff, and Senetian Vnares, and did a split with Fanny under the name BeeSnares.

His style has been critically acclaimed, notably by the late British radio disc jockey John Peel.

Venetian Snares composes much of his music with trackers. Before he began to release his music commercially, he worked primarily with OctaMED on an Amiga 500. At some point prior to 2000, he began using a PC and the Windows port of OctaMED, MED Soundstudio. During 2003 and 2005 he also used Cubase in addition to MED. Today he also works with Renoise.

In a February 2003 interview, Funk was asked a question regarding the diverse mix of genres he draws upon in his music, a property which the interviewer labelled "eclecticism". Funk replied: "I prefer to call it Surrealism.


As Venetian Snares


12″s, 7″s, EPs, and mini-releases

As Snares Man!

As BeeSnares

As Vsnares

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12″s, 7″s, EPs, and mini-releases

As Snares


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