Dynastes tityus


Dynastes is a genus of large beetles, mostly from Central America and South America, the males of which bear two long horns forming a plier. There are eight species in the genus:

  • Dynastes granti (Horn, 1870): USA - Arizona
  • Dynastes hercules, Hercules beetle (Linnaeus, 1758): Central and South America
  • Dynastes hyllus (Chevrolat, 1843): Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua. Male: 35-70 mm; female : 30-45 mm
  • Dynastes maya (Hardy, 2003): Mexico, Guatemala. Male: 50-90 mm; female: 40-50 mm
  • Dynastes miyashitai (Yamaya, 2004): Mexico. Male: 50-90 mm; female : 40-50 mm
  • Dynastes neptunus, Neptune beetle (Quensel in Schönherr, 1805): South America: Colombia
  • Dynastes satanas, Satanas beetle (Moser, 1909): Bolivia. Male : 50-115 mm; female : 30-55 mm
  • Dynastes tityus, Unicorn beetle (Linnaeus, 1763): Mexico

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