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Dutch most commonly refers to:

Due to the etymological equivalence between the English word "Dutch" and the German word Deutsch ("German"), "Dutch" has been used historically in the English-speaking world to refer to some things that are not Dutch but German.

Dutch may also refer to:




Objects and products



  • Dutch (film), a 1991 comedy/drama film
  • Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer, the main character in the movie Predator played by Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Dutch, a protagonist in the manga and anime series Black Lagoon.
  • Detective Holland "Dutch" Wagenbach, a character in the television show The Shield



Colloquial usage

Many colloquial terms use the word Dutch. A rare few describe actual Dutch customs. Some negative ones originate from prejudice caused by the Anglo-Dutch Wars, some are based on other stereotypes, and some have nothing to do with the Netherlands. These terms include:

  • Going Dutch, to split the cost of a purchase, usually a meal, evenly between several parties
  • Dutch courage, courage from intoxication
  • Dutch Defence, a chess opening
  • Dutch auction, an auction in which prices fall as sale progresses.
  • Dutch angle, in film, a severely tilted camera angle
  • Dutch book, a method of guaranteeing a profit in gambling
  • Dutching, a method of sharing the risk of losing in gambling
  • Double Dutch, which has a few different meanings
  • Dutch wife, a body length pillow
  • Dutch hoe, a hoe design that is pushed or pulled through the soil to cut weeds just under the surface.
  • Dutch, a slang term for a blunt,especially when used for smoking marijuana

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