Duna TV

Duna TV

Duna TV or Duna Televízió is one of two state-owned public television companies in Hungary. "Duna" is the Hungarian name for the Danube.

Duna TV was funded by a television licence paid for by owners of television sets up until July 2002, when the government took over payment of all television licences. Today, 80% of Duna TV's funding comes from the government, with the rest coming from television commercials


Duna TV began broadcasting in December 1992, and was the first Hungarian TV station to broadcast on satellite. It was the first station which broadcast programs for and news about the Hungarian minority in Europe. A few years later, Duna TV became the first Hungarian station to broadcast 24 hours per day. In 2004 the Duna TV began to broadcast in North America and Australia. In 2006 Duna TV II (Autonomy TV) began broadcasting.

Regional studios

The station is broadcast from Budapest, but has regional studios in Cluj-Napoca, Târgu-Mureş, and Odorheiu Secuiesc in Romania; Bratislava in Slovakia; Subotica (Szabadka) in Serbia; Uzhhorod in Ukraine, and other places.

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