The Anatolian Turkish Beylik of Dulkadir with its capital in Kahramanmaraş, formerly Maraş, was one of the frontier principalities established by Oghuz Turkish clans after the decline of Seljuk Sultanate of Rûm.

For a while, the Beylik of Dulkadir had an influence extending from Kırşehir to Musul, but with the rise of the Ottomans, they became a buffer state between the Ottomans and the Mameluks of Egypt. They became part of the Ottoman Empire in early 16th century. Until the mid-19th century, the region around Kahranmanmaras was often referred to as Dulkadir (or Zulkadriyye) in Ottoman documents.

Sitti Mukrime Hatun, Daughter of Suleyman Bey ruler of Dirkadiroglu state, was Mehmed II's third consort. Their marriage served as an alliance between the Ottoman's and this buffer state.


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