Duarte Barbosa

Duarte Barbosa

Duarte Barbosa (died 1521) was a Portuguese writer and trader. Living in the 15th and the 16th century, his father was Diogo Barbosa. He travelled as a supernumerary with Ferdinand Magellan in the Armada de Molucca expedition along with approximately 260 people of various ranks. During his journey, he wrote detailed accounts of foreign cultures.

One of the few survivors of the Battle of Mactan in which Magellan was killed, Barbosa was made captain of the ship Victoria and the co-commander of the armada, where remained until he was killed at the Humabon feast.

Among others that travelled along with him and Magellan were:

  • Juan Sebastian Elcano, who took command of the expedition after the death of Magellan and completed the first circumnavigation of the world.
  • Estêvão Gomes (pilot major, mutinied at Strait of Magellan and took vessel San Antonio back to Spain)
  • Gonzalo Gómez de Espinosa (master-at-arms, captain of vessel Trinity after a fiasco at Brunei and on final voyage)
  • Francisco Albo (pilot)
  • Pedro de Valderrama
  • Juan Serrano, captain of Santiago
  • Ginés de Mafra (seaman)
  • Enrique de Malacca (slave to Magellan from the Malacca, escaped after the Battle of Mactan and plotted with Humabon)
  • Alvaro de Mesquita (Magellan's relative and supernumerary, assumes command of vessel San Antonio from de Coca, captain after mutiny, overpowered by mutiny led by Gomes and taken back to Spain)
  • Antonio Pigafetta (chronicler)
  • Cristóvão Rebêlo (Magellan's illegitimate son, dies at Mactan)

In 1485, Barbosa was reputedly the first Portuguese to visit Bahrain, then part of the Jabrid state centred on Al-Hasa. His Book of Duarte Barbosa published in 1518 provides an account of the lands bordering the Indian Ocean.

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  • Duarte Barbosa (1518). Book of Duarte Barbosa
  • ML Dames (1989), The Book of Duarte Barbosa, 2 Vols, ASEA, Indian reprint.

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