Druga Gimnazija

Druga Gimnazija (Sarajevo)

Druga Gimnazija Sarajevo is a renowned high school in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was founded in 1905 and at the beginning it was attended only by male students, but since 1957 it has been coeducational. The school's approximate number of students is 800. The school offers four different programmes - two international and two national.

The school is a certified IB school, offering MYP and Diploma programmes. Thus, Druga Gimnazija Sarajevo is the first and so far the only high school in Bosnia and Herzegovina that offers a four-year education implemented according to the international standards.

When it comes to the national programmes, for several decades the school was of mathematical-computer streaming only, but during the last several years it has been offering departments of foreign languages, sciences, humanities, as well as the department of mathematics and computer science.

The students and teachers of the school are particularly proud of the fact that over the last thirty years its students have won eighteen medals at the Olympic competitions in both mathematics and informatics, ten of them having been won since Bosnia and Herzegovina’s independence in 1992.

The current director of the school is Aida Arnautović-Gurda.

The students are divided into 24 homerooms (6 for each grade - 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th). The students from each homeroom all have the same schedule throughout the year (this is not common in most schools in Europe and the US, but normal for the Matura program).

The school's educational program is the most diverse in Bosnia and Herzegovina because it not only contains the countries' Matura program, but also provides the students with an option to take the International Baccalaureate (better known as the IB programme) or the Middle Years Programme (MYP). Other options are: Mathematics/Computer Science Option (emphasis on Maths and Computer Science) Natural Sciences Option (emphasis on Chemistry, Biology and Physics) Humanities Option (emphasis on History and Geography) Languages Option (all students take 5 language courses - Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian Language and Literature, English, German or French, Latin and Spanish or Italian.

The students choose the Option they want to study at the end of their 10th school year. The Mathematics Option can be studied from the beginning of the 9th grade (which is only possible at this school).

During the times of Yugoslavia, the school was officially named Gimnazija Ognjen Prica, after a Croat communist revolutionary murdered by the Ustasha regime in 1941.

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