Drowne Road School

Maine School Administrative District 51

The Maine School Administrative District 51 operates six public schools in Cumberland, Maine and North Yarmouth, Maine. The district has 163 teachers (FTEs) serving 2,320 students. All kids in grades 6-12 attend either Greely Middle School or Greely High School.
School Facts
School NameStudentsFTE TeachersPupil/Teacher RatioLow gradeHigh grade
Chebeague Island School22Kindergarten6th Grade
Drowne Road School2478.927.85th Grade6th Grade
Greely High School6584913.49th Grade12th Grade
Greely Middle School36433.2116th Grade8th Grade
Mabel I Wilson School68848.814.1Kindergarten3rd Grade
North Yarmouth Memorial School34122.615.14th Grade5th Grade
Note: Based on 2002-2003 school year data. North Yarmouth Memorial School is in North Yarmouth, Maine--all the rest are in Cumberland.

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Chebeauge is no longer attached to MSAD 51

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