Dragoness (comics)

Dragoness (comics)

Dragoness (Tamara Kurtz) is a fictional mutant villain character in the Marvel Comics Universe, created for their on-going series New Mutants and X-Force. Dragoness was created by Louise Simonson and Rob Liefeld.

Fictional character biography

Tamara Kurtz's parents were exposed to radiation in Hiroshima and Tamara was born a mutant. She later became affiliated with the Mutant Liberation Front (MLF) after Stryfe traveled to Madripoor, along with Sumo and Kamikaze. After several strike missions in the name of mutant supremacy, the MLF separated into strike forces to steal a series of seemingly unrelated art objects. Before she realized what is going on, Dragoness became embroiled in the event known as the X-Cutioner's Song which, among other things, unleashed the Legacy Virus on the world. After this event ended, and a brief romance with her teammate named Wildside, all members of the MLF were taken into government custody.

When the villainous Reignfire reformed the terrorist organization, Dragoness was not in his original line-up. However, when he wanted to break into a government facility to steal their information on the manufacture of the Legacy Virus, he conscripted Dragoness to his cause. Little did the MLF know that a government sanctioned program called Operation: Zero Tolerance had hidden sleeper agent Prime Sentinels within the laboratory. That day, all members of the MLF except Forearm and Danielle Moonstar where taken into SHIELD custody.

After the events of M-Day, where the Scarlet Witch removed the mutant genome from over 90% of the world's mutant population, Dragoness was one of the lucky few to retain her powers, as listed in the X-Men: The 198 Files. The government considers her a 'General' national security threat.

Powers and abilities

Dragoness is a mutant with the power to generate bio-electric blasts of energy and use it to excite atmospheric particles to generate pyrotechnic flares. She also formerly possessed a set of bionic wings and a jet pack that enabled her to fly.

Other versions

Age of Apocalypse

Dragoness was known as Vultura, one of the Reavers, she assisted Donald Pierce's in raiding of Wundagore Mountain. She went in for a dive attack, prompting Logan to order Gateway to teleport the two of them and Carol Danvers to Pierce's aircraft. She would make another attempted attack after they boarded the ship, but was torn to shreds by Weapon X. After Danvers was infected by Pierce, her remnants were grafted to Carol's body.

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