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Drachenfels (Siebengebirge)

Drachenfels (Siebengebirge)

The Drachenfels (German for “Dragon's Rock”; ) is a mountain (321 m [1053 ft]) in the Siebengebirge mountain range near Bonn, Germany. The castle ruin on top bears the same name. There is also another castle, which has recently been restored (2003), downstream the Rhine called Schloss Drachenburg.

One German legend recounts, that Siegfried – the hero of the Nibelungenlied – killed a dragon living in a cave in the mountain. After taking a bath in its blood, he became invulnerable. According to the legend, the dragon lived on that mountain, hence the mountain is named Drachenfels.

A mountain railway, the Drachenfels Railway, connects Königswinter with the summit of the Drachenfels.

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