DrScheme is an open source integrated development environment for the Scheme programming language which has a graphical user interface. It is a key part of PLT Scheme, which contains a full implementation of R5RS along with significant extensions as well as a big part of R6RS. It is widely used among introductory Computer Science courses that teach Scheme and is lauded for its simplicity and appeal to beginner programmers. The IDE was originally built for use with the TeachScheme! project, an outreach effort by Rice University and a number of affiliated universities for attracting high school students to computer science courses at the college level.

DrScheme is built on top of MzScheme and MrEd, two other components of PLT Scheme.


The editor provides source highlighting for syntax and run-time errors, parenthesis matching, a debugger and an algebraic stepper. Its student-friendly features include support for multiple "language levels" (Beginning Student, Intermediate Student and so on). It also has integrated library support, and sophisticated analysis tools for advanced programmers. It provides integrated, context-sensitive access to an extensive hyper-linked help system named "Help Desk".


DrScheme is available for Windows (95 and up), Mac OS X, and Unix with the X Window System and programs behave similarly on all these platforms.


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  • Dr Scheme is available to download for free, along with its source code, extra software tools, extra libraries and related books.

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