Doubutsu-teki Ningen

Doubutsu-teki Ningen

Doubutsu-teki Ningen (動物的人間) is Kana (香奈)'s first full album.

Track listing

  1. れいんぼぉ-人間式- (Reinbo -ningen shiki-; Rainbow -Human Mode-)
  2. 蛇苺 (Hebi-Ichigo; Snake Strawberry)
  3. かび (Kabi; Mold)
  4. 乳 (Mirukii; Milky)
  5. とらぼるた (Toraboruta)
  6. 血まめ (Chimame; Blood Bister)
  7. 樹液 (Jueki; Sap)
  8. 森 (Mori; Forest)
  9. 空中舞乱孤 (Kuuchuu Buranko; Sky Swing)
  10. つの (Tsuno; Horn)
  11. 大地 (Daichi; Ground)
  12. 桃-芽がはえた式- (Momo -me ga haeta shiki-; Peach -Grown Bud Mode-)

  • Track 5 is actually named in reference to one of her stuffed pandas, Toraboruta.
  • Daichi, Track 11, is rumoured to be the name of her brother.

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