DonationCoder is a website hosting a community of programmers and software fanatics. It supports a donation-based model to organize and finance software development, and is one example of Donationware.

The community develops and finances its own free software, software reviews, podcasts, and a diverse programming school. Funding is accomplished using a grant-like system of micro-donations. All donators to the site receive their donation back as DonationCredits which they can then trade amongst themselves to support different projects and reward activities contributing to the community. All members are considered equal and simply donate an amount they feel comfortable with.

The community also fosters collaboration on free services, programming contests, and academic projects.

The site has an active forum which focuses on developments in software, and hosts a Programming School section which features challenges in several languages to help motivate people to teach themselves how to program (or learn a new language) and share their creations with others. Users can comment on each others code as they progress through the school.

Most of the software developed and discussed on the site is for Microsoft Windows, even though the developments in other platforms are followed.

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