Donacarney is a village in east County Meath, Ireland. It contains one church, two schools and a pub. Although it includes the townlands of Donacarney Great and Donacarney Little, most locals would never use those terms in describing Donacarney.


Donacarney contains two schools: One boys school and a girls school. Roughly 600 pupils attend both schools. The schools share the same campus. The name of the school is Réalt ná Mara B.N.S and G.N.S respectively.


There is one Roman Catholic church in Donacarney. It is called Star of the Sea Church. It is also in the town land of Mornington, Co. Meath.


New Housing Estate

Despite the schools overcrowded, and planning permission rejected, An Bhord Pleana has over ruled them all and allowed planning permission for 700 3-4 bedroom homes. This has angered the entire area.

Shannon Homes

Shannon Homes has gained planing permission for a small retail complex in donacarney. It is not known exactly what this will contain. It will though, contain a pharmacy.

New School

The government has agreed to let Réalt ná Mara build a new school. The school will cost €500,000 to build including land buying. The government though will only pay €100,000. The school has all ready made over €150,000 from a raffle held in March 2008.

Distance to Places

(As The Crow Flys)

  • Mornington: 1.23 Km
  • Laytown: 4.23 Km
  • Drogheda: 5.05 Km
  • Bettystown: 2.75 Km
  • Dublin: 41.92 Km
  • Galway: 189.77 Km
  • Belfast: 100.78 Km
  • Navan: 27.43 Km
  • Cork: 250.6 Km

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