Dominique Vandenberg

Dominique Vandenberg

Dominiquie Vandenberg is an actor and stunt choreographer who was born in Belgium. He started martial arts training at an early age, successfully competing in various tournaments. He has described himself as a "Pissed-off Murderous Sociopath".

He was nearly killed at birth because his mother shouldn't have had any more children. Though he lived, the doctor said he would be slower mentally and physically than other children. Instead, he was physically strong and hyperactive as a young child. His doctor recommended physical activity or medicine. His parents enrolled young Dominiquie in martial arts. Vandenberg grew up with a passion for martial arts.

As a teenager, Vandenberg competed in many martial arts competitions. He won the majority of them and left school at age 16 to enroll in a Kunto training course in Okinawa, Japan. After graduating the course in a tie for first place, Vandenberg returned to Belgium, where he was drafted into the Belgian military. Vandenberg volunteered for a post in Germany because it offered a shorter service of eight months compared to a year. Immediately after his release from the military he began training for an invitational freestyle martial arts competition that he had been invited to upon completion in the top ten of the Kunto course. With only two months of training, Vandenberg won the competition, but after his victory was hit by a car, breaking his leg.

Unable to fight in sanctioned events, Vandenberg left Belgium to join the French Foreign Legion. He graduated from his basic Legion training course in the top five, and was allowed to pick his post. Vandenberg chose to become a paratrooper, and, after completing more training, was sent to Africa. He spent five years in Africa, in countries such as Chad, Nigeria, and the Central African Republic, fighting to control rebellions. During this time, he met his fiancée, a woman named Waruny who was a freedom fighter. After their meeting, he returned to fulfill his last eight months of service to the Legion, but when he came back, she had been killed.

Vandenberg then left the Legion for good, and traveled to Thailand to fight in their famed freestyle fighting rings, or 'iron circles.' After winning several bouts here, he left to return to Europe. Vandenberg now lives in California, where he has acted in movies such as 'Pit Fighter' and 'Mortal Kombat.'


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