Dokonjō Gaeru

Dokonjō Gaeru

is a manga and anime series created by Yasumi Yoshizawa.


While frog Pyonkichi is hopping in an empty lot in Nerima, Tokyo's Shakujii Park, middle schooler Hiroshi trips over a rock and squashes him. However, Pyonkichi is reborn as an imprint on the front of Hiroshi's shirt and now gives him advice and commentary on his life.


  • : . A frog who is crushed by Hiroshi, but his spirit lives on as a talking frog on his shirt, becoming a . Because said shirt is Hiroshi's only good shirt, he is always forced to travel around and interact with Hiroshi. They are equally obstinate and gluttonous and are always arguing like siblings. He is capable of jumping around and forcing Hiroshi to come along with him.
  • : . The middle schooler who fell on Pyonkichi. He is quite gutsy and won't back down against Goriraimo, but is deathly afraid of Kaa-chan. His trademark is the sunglasses he wears on his head. Though his school has a uniform policy, he is for some reason allowed to wear his regular shirt.
  • : , New: Atsushi TomiiKaoru Kurosu, CM: Chinami Nishimura. Hiroshi's girlfriend. She is the daughter of a rather wealthy family, yet is a strong minded girl who will stand up for herself and participate in pranks. She initially pretends to dislike Hiroshi but becomes friends with him after he meets Pyonkichi, whom she believes is a cute shirt design.
  • : , New: Junko Hori
  • : , New: Kyūji Aozora
  • : →Isao Sakuma, New: Kōji Aozora
  • : , New: Keiichi Nanba
  • :
  • :
  • : , New: Keiko Toda
  • :
  • :
  • : , New: Hideyuki Tanaka
  • :
  • : , New: Shō Saitō
  • :
  • Sushi Restaurant Owner: →Osamu Kobayashi, New: Kenichi Ogata
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