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Franklin County Dog Shelter

Home to more than 300 dogs, the Franklin County Dog Shelter is located at 1731 Alum Creek Columbus, Ohio 43207. Dogs range from puppies to adults, mutts to purebreds. The dog shelter gets in every kind of dog at one point and majority of these dogs are put up instantly for adoption. The puppies that come in are immediately spayed and neutered, given shots, microchipped and then put on the adoption floor. If the dogs are sick they are housed in isolation and cared for and the puppies go to willing families until they are off their medication. The dogs have their pictures taken to assist people that would like to see the dogs and have a dog picked out for when they come in. Their website is updated daily and includes these pictures. If a dog is lost, the first place to look is the dog shelter. All dogs must be licensed and licensing can be done here as well.

Microchip is a small computer chip placed in the puppy's neck to prevent losing the dog. If the dog becomes lost, the person that finds the dog can take the dog to the shelter and the shelter can than pull the owner's information and get the dog back to them.

The animal shelter is open seven days a week and is one of the largest shelters in the midwest. This shelter is also a no kill shelter which means the dogs on the adoption floor have to get adopted before a new one can be taken in.

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