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Dog.House (album)

Dog.House was the second and final album released by the American rock band, Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty. Released in 1987, the album is regarded as being hard to find, and most copies are owned by friends or family of the band members and tape traders living in or near Grand Rapids, Michigan, where all five band members lived at the time.

The band, an early project of Tool and A Perfect Circle member Maynard James Keenan, re-recorded a few tracks from their previous album, Fingernails, for Dog.House. Originally a duo consisting of only Keenan and Kevin Horning, they felt that the recording of Dog.House would require additional bandmates, adding Kevin's brother, Todd Horning, on rhythm guitar, as well as Tom Geluso on drums (replacing the Korg drum machine used on the band's previous effort, Fingernails), both of whom were from TexA.N.S. (Tex and the Anti-Nazi Squad), Keenan and Horning's previous band. In addition, Stan Henderson was recruited to take over the role of bassist from Keenan.

Around one hundred copies of the album, which were distributed as a cassette tape, are thought to have been made. The album artwork features a cardboard insert containing the track listing, as well as original drawings by Keenan.


As the quality of the album's recording is much higher than Fingernails (which was recorded in Keenan's living room), it is sometimes argued that Dog.House was recorded in a studio. However, information has arisen that it was recorded in the basement of Keenan's house using a high-quality multi-tracking machine circa March—April 1987, as Keenan later said during C.A.D.'s only live performance (dated April 17, 1987, see next section) that "we've [the band] been in our basement for about a month", presumably recording the album.

Two TexA.N.S. songs were covered during the recording – "Social Declination" (re-titled "Surprise") and "Waiting for the World", both with new lyrics and different vocal melodies.

Peace Day

In support of the album, C.A.D. gave its only known live performance on public access television for the Peace Day event in Grand Rapids, Michigan on April 17, 1987 (coincidentally Keenan's 23rd birthday). Songs from both Fingernails and Dog.House were performed, as well as a revised version of "Burn About Out" (a Fingernails track) that contained the same basic melody and some lyrics of what would become one of Tool's first well-known songs, the 1993 single "Sober". The performance was recorded using multiple camera angles and was sold as a VHS tape. The tape also included a short interview with Keenan backstage after the concert ended. Genuine copies of the tape have sold for upward of $100 USD on auction sites such as eBay.

During the post-show interview, Keenan notes that Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty would perform next week at a Grand Rapids pub known as "The Intersection", as well as noting that (jokingly) they would perform at "next year's Rainbow Gathering". It is unknown whether or not C.A.D. performed again following the concert.

Track listing

All songs were written by Maynard James Keenan and Kevin Horning, except where noted. "Waiting for the World" is a cover of a song performed by TexA.N.S. on their 1987 album Never Again, of which both Keenan, the Horning brothers, and Geluso were members (note that Kevin Horning co-wrote "Waiting for the World" while in TexA.N.S.). All tracks on side two are condensed into two tracks, but listed with separate titles on the track listing. Whether this was intended or a mistake is unknown. "TV Date Smoke" contains samples from various news reports, The Dating Game, and several commercials about products designed to help people stop smoking (as well as a sample from the movie Hound of Dracula).

Side one

  1. "Feed My Fire" – 4:11
  2. "Wait Now, Cry Now" (Keenan) – 4:18
  3. "If A Friend" (Keenan/"MMM"/"Doug"/"Tom") – 3:35
  4. "Mandango Lover" – 3:32
  5. "Bleeding on You" (Keenan) – 3:27
  6. "Surprise" (Tex Porker/Keenan) – 3:02
  7. "Waiting for the World" (K. Horning/Porker) – 3:51
  8. "System" – 3:31

Side two

  1. "New System/Pseudo System" – 11:15
  2. "Phone Walls/TV Date Smoke/TV System/Bone Dog" – 19:51


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