[doh-doh-mah, doh-duh-]
Dodoma, city (1994 est. pop. 215,000), capital of Tanzania, central Tanzania. It is the trade center for an agricultural region producing beans, seeds, corn, peanuts, grains, coffee, tea, and tobacco. Cattle are also raised and marketed. Food and beverage processing and furniture making are the main industries. Dodoma is linked by road, rail, and air to Tanzania's largest cities, including Dar-es-Salaam, the nation's largest port and original capital. In the mid-1970s, plans were made to move the capital to Dodoma. Tanzania's national assembly moved there in Feb., 1996, but many government offices remain in Dar-es-Salaam.

Dodoma (translation: "It has sunk" in Gogo), officially Dodoma Urban District, population 324,347 (2002 census), is the national capital of Tanzania, third biggest city in the country, and also the capital of the Dodoma region. In 1973, plans were made to move the capital to Dodoma. Tanzania's National Assembly moved there in February 1996, but many government offices remain in the previous national capital, Dar es Salaam (which remains the commercial capital). Dodoma is populated mainly by three ethnic groups, with the majority being the Gogo or Wagogo; the Warangi; and the minority tribe of Sandawe whose language is related to that of the Kalahari Bushmen of southern Africa.


Located at , in the centre of the country, the town is west of the former capital at Dar es Salaam and south of Arusha, the headquarters of the East African Community. It covers an area of of which is urbanised.


Out of the total population, 157,469 people (48.5 percent) are male while 166,878 people (51.5 percent) are female. The estimated total number of households is 74,914 with an average household size of 4.3 people. The Roman Catholic Church reports that 19.2% of the population are Roman Catholics .


During the German wars, the town of Dodoma was founded at the same time as the construction of the Tanzanian central railway.


A trunk road connects Dodoma with the former capital of Dar es Salaam via the Morogoro region in the east. To the west, there are roads to Mwanza and Kigoma going through Tabora. The Great North Road links the city with Arusha to the north. The city is also served by the Central railway line which connects it over a distance of 465 kilometres (288 miles) with Dar es Salaam in the east. The city has an airport managed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Tanzania, although the size of planes is limited to small private aircraft. There are plans to build a new airport outside the city with increased wall height and structure width.


There are currently two universities in Dodoma. The first University is St. Johns University of Tanzania 'SJUT' for short. The second University is The University Dodoma or 'UDOM' for short, currently has 1,500 students and will be holding a full 40,000 students in 3-4 years, time. Both of the Universities started in September of 2007.

Culture and sport

The city is represented in the Tanzanian Premier League by football clubs Polisi Dodoma and JKT Ruvu Stars.


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