Dodo, Prince Yu

Dodo, Prince Yu

Dodo, Prince Yu, (Manchu: ; ) (1614–1649) was a Manchu prince and general.

He was the fifteenth son of Nurhaci and one of Dorgon's two full brothers. He distinguished himself in conquering China proper with Dorgon.

Dodo is also somewhat notorious due to his sanctioning of the Massacre of Yangzhou, a terrible bloodbath in which 80,000 men, women, and children were killed by Manchu soldiers. This massacre began when Dodo authorized his men to have five days to do anything they wished to the town of Yangzhou's inhabitants.

Dodo was created Prince Yu of the First Rank (和碩豫親王) in 1644. In 1646, he led a military campaign into Mongolia and returned victorious. He was then made Co-regent by his brother Prince Regent Dorgon, in place of their older half-brother, Prince Zheng (鄭親王).

Dodo died of smallpox in 1649, aged 36. After the death of Dorgon, the Shunzhi Emperor posthumously stripped Dodo of his titles.

Mother: Lady Abahai Full brothers: Dorgon, Ajige Step brother: Hung Taiji

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