Doctor Deborah Risman

Deborah Risman

Dr. Deborah Risman is a fictional character on the animated TV show X-Men: Evolution. She only appeared in X23. She is voiced by Lisa Ann Beley. In the show, she was the creator of X-23. When the character of X-23 was adapted into mainstream comics, Dr Risman was replaced by the similar character of Sarah Kinney.

Fictional character biography

Deborah Risman is a geneticist who formally worked with the terrorist faction, HYDRA. Commissioned by HYDRA to create the perfect weapon, Risman was given the resources to take the next step in genetics research. Using the Weapon X program as her model, Risman failed 22 times before discovering Wolverine's healing factor protected him from the harsh treatment of the experimentation. On the 23rd attempt, Risman used some of Wolverine's DNA to create a subject with his healing factor.

What was produced, instead of a perfect clone, was a young, uncontrollable girl. At 12, the girl, now known as X-23 , was put through the adamantium feed giving her an adamantium skeletal system and retractable claws on her hands and feet. Dr. Risman felt guilty for putting X-23 through the feed, given that she was emotionally unstable and was unloved and treated very poorly by HYDRA. The doctor did what little she could for X-23 but couldn't speak out against HYDRA's lack of attention (outside of her training) they have given her.

Wanting to undo some of the damage she's done, Dr. Risman betrays HYDRA and confesses what she had done to Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D..

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