[dih-vawrs, -vohrs]

Divorce is a legal term for the disillusion of marriage, a process which cancels any legal duties and responsibilities of marriage and dissolves the bonds of matrimony. Divorce is a legal process that in most countries needs to be sanctioned by the court. The Philippines and Vatican City are the only two countries that do not have a civil process for divorce.

When a married couple seeks out and receives a divorce, both their property and their debts are divided and distributed between the two. Depending on the civility of the divorce case and laws of the country of the court, the property and debts are either divided by the couple in collaboration, or divided by the court depending on evidence and actions in the marriage.

Uncontested divorces are divorces where the two parties (possibly through mediation by lawyer or otherwise) come to an agreement regarding their children, property, and financial support issues. If the court is presented with fair agreement in an uncontested divorce, the divorce will almost always be carried out without issue. If a couple's relationship is not good enough for uncontested divorce, then they go through a process known as collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce is a negotiation, the contract is settled on with the assistance of lawyers on both sides. These cases are still resolved before going to court.

Another method of divorce used is mediated divorce. Mediated divorce use a third party to negotiate with the two sides in an effort to get each person what they desire. Either party may bring their lawyers to the mediation session, but they differ from collaborative divorce because their is a third party attempting to mediate the session.

If none of these methods succeed, the divorce case can go to court, where a judge will hear both sides of the divorce and decide on custody, division of debt and property, and any possible support situations.

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