Diversity Alliance (novel)

Diversity Alliance (novel)

The Diversity Alliance is a fictional movement in the Star Wars universe. It was an Aliens-First movement which sprung up during the Galactic Civil War.


The Twi'leks had a male-dominated political structure that left the women in slavery. Nolaa Tarkona, the sister of the Twi'lek slave girl Oola, freed herself from slavery and overthrew the old ways through a wave of bloodshed. She formed the Diversity Alliance as her key to freedom and power.


The movement was based in the underground chambers on the Twi'lek homeworld of Ryloth. It spread to other worlds through negotiations and word-of-mouth.


Throughout Star Wars history, aliens were often mistreated by humans. The Empire was very obviously anti-alien. Aliens were never allowed into the service, and were often massacred. Such things happened outside of Imperial rule as well.

The Diversity Alliance intended to unite all the downtrodden alien species that had suffered for so long under human rule. In their unity lay their strength against their oppressors.

The movement had intentions to go so far as the exterminate all humans through a virus.


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