Disrupt (band)

Disrupt (band)

Disrupt is an American anarchist crust punk and grindcore band from Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Although they only released one official album (Unrest on Relapse), the band acquired quite a cult following on the strength of several 7-inch EPs and compilation appearances. Members of the band have gone on to play in many other bands since the dissolution of Disrupt, including Grief, State of Fear, and Goff.

Band members

Recording Engineer - Co-Producer



Studio Albums

  • Unrest (1994, Relapse Records)
  • Unrest (Remastered) (2007, Relapse Records)
  • The Rest
  • Self Titled (2008, Unrest Records)


  • The Rest (2007, Relapse Records)

Live Albums

Split Albums

Compilation appearances

  • Son of Bllleeaaauuurrrrggghhh! 7" (Slap-a-Ham Records)
  • Crust and Anguished (MCR)
  • Heavy Hardcore Headroom (ET Discs/PEFE)
  • Death... Is Just the Beginning III (Relapse Records)
  • Corporate Death (Relapse Records)
  • "Grind Your Mind"

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