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Diskolos Kairos Gia Prinkipes

Diskolos Kairos Gia Prinkipes

Diskolos Kairos Gia Prinkipes (Greek: Δύσκολος Καιρός Για Πρίγκιπες; English: A tough time for princes) is the name of the debut album of the Greek musical group ONIRAMA. The album was released on December 07, 2005 by LYRA Records.

Track listing

  1. Intro - 0:59
  2. Diskolos Kairos Gia Prinkipes (A touch time for princes) - 3:40
  3. O Horos (Klise Ta Matia) (The dance [Close your eyes]) - 3:49
  4. Mia Zoi Tosi Mikri (A life so small) -3:27
  5. Mia Mera Tha 'Rtheis (One day you'll come) - 3:56
  6. Gi Kai Ouranos (Earth and sky) - 4:16
  7. O Paradisos Einai Makria (Paradise is far away) - 3:21
  8. Stigmes (Moments) - 2:54
  9. Lefka Domatia (White rooms) - 2:48
  10. Oneiropagida (Dreamcatcher) - 3:49
  11. Metra Tis Meres (Count the days) - 2:54
  12. O Horos (Club Mix) (The Dance [Club Mix]) - 4:06
  13. O Horos (Unplugged) (The Dance [Unplugged]) - 2:55
  14. Outro


'"O Horos (Klise Ta Matia"'
"O Horos (Klise Ta Matia" was the first single from the album, and became a radio hit.

'"Mia Mera Tha 'Rtheis"'

"Mia Mera Tha 'Rheis" was the second single from the album, and also became a radio hit.


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