Dirty blues

List of dirty blues musicians

Dirty blues encompasses forms of blues music that deal with topics that are sometimes considered taboo in society, including sexual connotation and/or references to drug use of some kind. Due to the sometimes graphic subject matter, such music was often banned from radio and only available on a jukebox. The following is a list of dirty blues musicians.







  • Dinah Washington - (August 29, 1924december 14, 1963) Born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Washington's inclusion on this list is really only due to two songs. Otherwise she performed traditional pop, jump blues and ballads. The songs were Long John Blues about her dentist, with lyrics like "He took out his trusty drill. Told me to open wide. He said he wouldn't hurt me, but he filled my whole inside." She also recorded a song called "Big Long Sliding Thing" about a trombonist.


A list of Dirty Blues singers would not be complete without "Tampa Red", one of the greatest resophonic guitar players whose songs included "Let Me Play With Your Poodle" (later covered by [Lightnin' Hopkins]) and "What Tastes Like Gravy?" Entry will be updated with more information soon. While his songs are not as readily available as some others, much of his work is available on iTunes and similar services.

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